Friday, March 16, 2012

Four Months

Dear Baby Catherine,

This month started off with a big change—I had to go back to work.  After three wonderful months of spending every moment of every day with you, on February 17, I had to leave you and go back to teaching the kindergarten students.  Since it was a Friday, you got to spend the day with Daddy.  The day went well for both of us and that night we went to the Paris house to celebrate Erik’s birthday.  There, you got to meet Grandmother Heid.


We then spent one more day hanging out with Grandma Colby before she had to go back to Wisconsin. Your Blue Bug shirt came from Aunties Crystal and Ellen.

P2180031   P2180040

This month, you often hung out in our bed and talked with both of us while Daddy and I were getting ready for school.  You loved that we would come in and out of the room and stop to talk with you while we got dressed and made breakfast.  Sometimes you would snooze, and sometimes you would beg to get up and join us for breakfast.


We think you look pretty cute in your sweater.


Your weekdays are now spent at Kristen’s house and you have lots of fun with her and the kids.  You hardly ever take a nap because you don’t want to miss anything.  The girls and Andy love on you non-stop.  Along with playing at Kristen’s house each day, you go to the park, grocery shopping, and to Andy’s homeschool co-op.  By the end of the day you are tired!

Our evenings and weekends are spent hanging out and enjoying time together.  Every moment is a blessing.


You are up to about 10 pounds now, and are getting stronger each day.  You enjoy tummy time more because you’ve learned to keep your head up long enough to look around.  The kitties still don’t like to spend too much time around you, but they are becoming more interested in your actions because you are always moving!



Catherine, you are the light of my life.  I enjoy waking up with you in the middle of the night, kissing you goodbye each morning when I leave for work, and gathering you in my arms when I pick you up after school.  The smile on your face when I walk in the door at Kristen’s melts my heart every time.  You know I’m your mommy and you are so happy I’ve come to get you and spend the evening with you.