Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pictures of You

Dear Baby Hawley,

We got to see you today!  We brought Grandma Hawley with us for the ultrasound and, boy, were we excited!  Here's what you look like at 21 weeks, 4 days.  The technician said you are a very cooperative baby--you moved when she prodded you so she could see everything she needed to and take her measurements.  We asked that we not find out if you are a boy or a girl, so we still don't know!  I love the suspense.

After looking at this picture, Grandma Colby (Grandma Marge, Granny? - still not sure what to call her) responded by saying "It looks like a rabbit to me.  Gracie and Greta will be pleased."  Have no fear, though, we will NOT be feeding you to the cats.

 You may start to wonder about all the cats in our family, though, because after looking at this (incredibly cute, and possibly my favorite) photo of your foot, Ellen said, "Troy and I think that that is one CUTE foot! least we know that you're having a person. Did I ever tell you that I once dreamt that I gave birth to a kitten. True story. It was ridiculous...."  What can I say?  Aunts - you gotta love them.

Here's the last photo of you for the day.  On the left is your head.  You can see two dark holes, which are the eyes, and in the middle of those is a smaller dark spot--your nose!  It looks like you have a very round belly here, too.

How exciting!!!  Today you weigh about 15 ounces.  You are still measuring small, so the technician wants to say your due date is November 9.  The midwife still says November 3, but we know you will come when you are good and ready.

Up next for us is a trip to New York to meet some of the uncles.  I hope you like long car rides, lots of food, and fresh mountain air...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

21 Weeks

Dear Baby Hawley,

Time is going by quickly.  We made it through numerous summer pd sessions and lots of lunches with friends.  We have worked around the house more than we have done in all the last months combined.  This week, we scrubbed the stove top and kitchen sink til they shine, we washed all the baseboards, and we cleaned out your new closet!

We also have spent lots of time swimming.  Stretching out in the water is much more comfortable (and fun) than using a treadmill or elliptical machine, which your dad likes to do.  I suspect that swimming will become my choice activity even more as you continue to grow.  I hope you like the water when you are big enough to start swimming, too.

To end our Thursday, I had a bowl of pistachio ice cream and a fresh mango.  You really woke up then!  In fact, you kicked so much that I decided to go for a walk to stay comfortable--you are getting stronger each day.

Here is what you look like today, at 21 weeks even.

I love you so much,

Monday, June 13, 2011

19 weeks, 4 days

Dear Baby Hawley,

We finally took a picture to document your growth.  I'm sure in the coming months and years I'll wish we had started taking pictures as soon as we knew you were coming, but unfortunately, we didn't.

Here is what you look like today, at 19 weeks and 4 days.

I can still fit into my own clothes, but you are growing so quickly that I will soon need a whole new wardrobe.  Things are getting tight!

It's so fun to watch you and to feel you growing.  This is an exciting time!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

PD Podcasts

Dear Baby Hawley,

It turns out you dislike listening to PD podcasts as much as I do.  You have been kicking me since we sat down, as if you are begging me to get up and do something else. I agree--this is really boring.  Unfortunately, it's just preparing us for the week to come as we will be in PD sessions all week.  Luckily for us, it's just one week this summer.  Real school is much more fun.