Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's Good To Have Friends

Dear Baby Hawley,

You'll soon learn that it's good to have friends.  Today we had a ladies' tea at Agape.  Our conversation revolved around the theme of encouragement.  Many of us spoke about other ladies in our lives who encourage us.  I talked about 'Miss Olson.'  I hope you get to meet her one day.  Miss Olson was my own kindergarten teacher and she has encouraged me throughout my life, even in times when we don't see or talk with each other.  She has shared so much information and inspiration over the years, that memories of her and our times together will always encourage me.

I told the ladies at the tea about Miss Olson and about our conversation last summer where we reflected on how many different ways our lives have turned out very similar...moving to a new town to start teaching, teaching kindergarten, finding love (both of our husbands are 3-1/2 years older than us), hobbies we enjoy, the list goes on.

I saw Miss Olson and her family last week at Crystal's wedding.  She was the first person to mention that she could tell you are on the way just by looking at me.  (She's awfully excited, too!)  As her family was getting ready to leave, she came to say goodbye and encouraged me in one way--she said that of all the ways our lives have turned out similar so far, there is one way we need to be different.  I need to hold on to you for longer than she was able to hold on to her baby when she was pregnant.  She said we need to make it past 29 weeks.

There's nothing that I should be worried about because you are growing and healthy and all looks good, but you know how I can worry about things.  As I shared my story of Miss Olson at the tea, pregnancy emotions began to take over and I cried.  I cried so much that I think most of the ladies there started to tear up.  I have no reason to believe you won't make it past 29 weeks, but I worry about you.  Just like I am excited, I am also worried.  That's my job as your mom.  I must worry and look out for you.

This letter isn't about being sad and worried, though.  It's about friends.  When I shared my story and cried, my friends surrounded me.  We had kleenexes and hugs, a moment of silence while I cried, and then Rose said a prayer for you and me--a prayer of encouragement for good thoughts and good health in the coming months.  I certainly felt better after sharing what I guess is a subconscious fear, and after letting my friends know how much I love you and care about you already.  Every one of the ladies there today supported me and let me be me.

I pray that throughout your life you have friends like these who will always be there to encourage you in the things you do.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've Been Dreaming

Dear Baby Hawley,

I've been dreaming about you a lot lately.  Well, I've been daydreaming.  You haven't yet shown up in my sleeping dreams.  Today I was thinking about your nursery.  Daddy says that you are going to sleep in our room for at least the first year because your own bedroom is so far away from ours.  I don't know where you will sleep, but I will make your nursery ready for you whenever it's time.

I hope you are a reader like me.  I don't read a lot every day, but I do read a lot.  I like many kinds of books, and I am currently reading 4 different ones.  At the same time!  I love having books with me and sometimes I check out more books than I can hope to read when I go to the library.

Back to dreaming about you...I'm planning your nursery to help inspire your future love of reading.  Here are my ideas:

This is what I want your wall to look like.  I already have a stash of dust jackets and favorite children's books that I am preparing to frame.  I want you to be reminded of wonderful stories every time you enter your room.

I also want you to have access to wonderful stories.  Daddy is going to help me build a front-facing bookshelf like this one, although yours will be much smaller.  This way you will always be able to see the great illustrations on some of your books.  It will be easy to find your favorites on the shelves, and we will be able to sit and read together every day!

I'm having so much fun dreaming and planning for you, I can't wait to share life with you when you arrive!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Crystal and Bill

Crystal and Bill got married!

Since it was Derby day down in Louisville, we had a little Derby fun...

It was great to be with the Eckels/Colby family for a few days!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Gift From Crystal

Dear Baby Hawley,

I told you you'd bet getting lots of gifts from Crystal and here's your first.  Crystal is very good at finding just the perfect item for someone.  This book was one of our favorites when we were little - and it features a baby!  I will need to start a Baby Hawley bookshelf to hold all the great books you will collect.  I hope you love reading as much as I do.