Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I've Been Dreaming

Dear Baby Hawley,

I've been dreaming about you a lot lately.  Well, I've been daydreaming.  You haven't yet shown up in my sleeping dreams.  Today I was thinking about your nursery.  Daddy says that you are going to sleep in our room for at least the first year because your own bedroom is so far away from ours.  I don't know where you will sleep, but I will make your nursery ready for you whenever it's time.

I hope you are a reader like me.  I don't read a lot every day, but I do read a lot.  I like many kinds of books, and I am currently reading 4 different ones.  At the same time!  I love having books with me and sometimes I check out more books than I can hope to read when I go to the library.

Back to dreaming about you...I'm planning your nursery to help inspire your future love of reading.  Here are my ideas:

This is what I want your wall to look like.  I already have a stash of dust jackets and favorite children's books that I am preparing to frame.  I want you to be reminded of wonderful stories every time you enter your room.

I also want you to have access to wonderful stories.  Daddy is going to help me build a front-facing bookshelf like this one, although yours will be much smaller.  This way you will always be able to see the great illustrations on some of your books.  It will be easy to find your favorites on the shelves, and we will be able to sit and read together every day!

I'm having so much fun dreaming and planning for you, I can't wait to share life with you when you arrive!

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