Monday, July 18, 2011

Minnesota Baby Shower

Dear Baby Hawley,

Crystal and Ellen hosted a shower for us this weekend.  They are really excited to become aunties!
Here are some pictures from the celebration.

Crystal had lots of fun decorating for this party.  She knows how much I love children's books and she went all out...look at all the books she bought and checked out from the library.  

The blue 'boy' outfit and the white dress that are hanging up have been in the family for a long time.  When you are big enough, you'll have a portrait made of you wearing one of those outfits.

Ellen made the cake and cupcakes to coordinate with the theme.  Notice the cake design - your aunties photoshopped the cover of the Lowly Worm Word Book to better fit with us.  This cover is even printed by Hawley House!

Lots of Minnesota Twins clothes.  We hope you are as big a fan as each of the rest of us are.

Grandma is trying on the bib that looks like a cat.

Lots of Minnesota and Wisconsin people who love you came to the party.  Grandma Elaine came with Anita and Maggie, Jeannie, Karin (with her friend Hedy), Yvonne (Bill's mom), Grandma Colby, Crystal, and Ellen all made it.  

We got lots of great presents - you are loved a lot by everyone.

Keep growing and kicking,

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