Thursday, March 17, 2011

Here you come!

Dear Baby Hawley,

What else can I call you?  I know nothing about you yet.  For now, this will be your name.

Today is the day that I found out you are joining our lives.  My daily habits have changed a lot in recent weeks.  Your dad and I used to get up really early to go to the Y, then I'd head to school to work for a few hours before the kiddos came in.  Not anymore - now we go to the Y, come home to eat breakfast and get ready for the day, and then I take a nap.  All before 8am.  Yes, I take a nap before going to school.  I also take a nap when I get home.  My friends at school had noticed that I've started coming in later...a LOT later...than normal and they started questioning me.  This got me thinking that you might be up.

Today I stopped by Walgreen's to get a test and I decided to get a box of macaroni and cheese also.  That should have answered my question right away, but I still took the test.  It came up positive!!!

I decided not to tell your dad right away because it's Thursday night and the guys were coming over.  They have bible study and fellowship every Thursday at our house, and I wasn't quite ready for everyone to know (and knowing Josh, he'd want to tell everyone right away) so I held the secret.  Aunt Katie came with Uncle Phil and we hung out while the men studied.  It was so hard to act normal and not say anything, but I kept the secret.

I can't wait to meet you, little one.

I can't believe I just signed that!!!

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